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The Parish Council has four standing committees which each have specific roles and undertake the relevant functions of the council.

Planning Committee

This Committee deals with the development control represenational functions of the Council. All planning applications received are carefully considered and, where appropriate, representations are made to the Local Planning Authority (the Borough Council). The Committee also deals with the monitoring of planning enforcement issues, parish council planning policy recommendations and other development control issues.

Committee Membership

Chairperson: Councillor Mrs Howes
Vice Chairperson: Councillor Horner

Members: Councillors Ms Doman, Harvey, Howes, Mrs Jones, Jones, Marshall, O'Brien and Varrall

Environment Committee

The main functions of this committee are to oversee the maintenance and operation of all the Council's play areas and open spaces. In addition litter control, dog bins, footpaths, the gardens festival and other environmental issues including the monitoring of local authority verge and tree maintenance are all areas within the remit of the Environment Committee.

Committee Membership

Chairperson: Councillor Jones
Vice Chairperson: Councillor Horner

Members: Councillors Ms Doman, Harvey, Marshall, Payne, Varrall and Walsby

Traffic & Pedestrian Committee

The monitoring and fault reporting of footways and highways come under the domain of this Committee along with parking issues, highway safety, public transport including bus shelters and general traffic and pedestrian related subjects.

Committee Membership

Chairperson: Councillor Walsby
Vice Chairperson: Councillor Payne

Members: Councillors Ms Doman, Harvey, Horner, Jones, Marshall, O'Brien and Varrall

Finance Committee

The scrutiny of the Council's finances is one of the main roles this Committee has in additional to general policy review, administrational items, staffing, budgeting, insurance, risk management and legislative implementation.

Committee Membership

Chairperson: tba
Vice Chairperson: tba

Members: Councillors Harvey, Horner, Mrs Howes, Howes, Mrs Jones, Jones, Marshall, O'Brien, Payne, Varrall and Walsby