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Grant Scheme

The Council operates a grant scheme which provides financial support to organistations that benefit the area or its inhabitants. The Council's funds are limited, therefore the Council has an adopted policy in relation to grants to enable all such requests to be dealt with.

We have also produced a set of brief guidelines for prospective applicants an excerpt of which is reproduced below (the full document can be downloaded by clicking here):

The guidelines are similar to the procedures which the Council itself has to follow, however it should be noted that each application will be viewed by the Council on its merits. Should you have any questions please contact the Office for further information.

When making a request the following must be considered:

  • What benefit to the parish or its residents would the grant provide.
  • Is the proposal's objectives realistic and will the grant requested, along with other funds, cover the costs involved.
  • Have you sought funding from other sources.
  • The Council does not grant loans.
  • Strict criteria may be applied to large capital projects.
  • Any grants made may be subject to conditions (although these will not normally be too onerous)

A grant application form can be downloaded by clicking here.

For further information please contact the Office.