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A Parish is divided into areas called Wards, Cox Green has three wards North, East and South (there is no West ward due to the shape of the Parish). Each ward is represented by a number of Parish Councillors in relation to the population in that ward. In Cox Green the East Ward has six Parish Councillors, North Ward five and South Ward four.

If a resident of Cox Green wishes to bring a matter to the attention of the Parish Council there are several options available to them:

  • By contacting one of their Ward Parish Councillors who will endeavour to answer any questions the resident may have or alternatively put the query in front of the Parish Council on behalf of the resident.
  • By contacting the Parish Council's office, via telephone, fax, letter or email.
  • By putting the question to a Parish Council Meeting, at which the first fifteen minutes is set aside for receiving questions from Members of the Public.
  • And now through the interactive pages on this website.

The Parish Council itself is made up of fifteen Parish Councillors from all walks of life who meet regularly to discuss and administer the Local Authority's functions. Parish Councillors are democratically elected every four years at the Local Government Elections, although from time to time Parish Council seats need to be filled, for various reasons, within the term of office. To be eligible for office a prospective candidate must be 18 or over, a British subject or citizen of the Irish Republic and an elector. In addition the candidate must have, during the whole of the twelve months before the day of nomination, resided in the parish or within three miles of it, or occupied as owner of tenant any land or premises therein or had their principal or only place of work there. There are also several disqualifications which may apply which include undischarged bankruptcy, employee or contractor of the council and criminal convictions. (Further criteria apply and full details can be obtained from the Parish Council's office.)

Each year a Chairman and a Vice-Chairman are elected by the Council. The Chairman, or Vice-Chairman in his or her absence, presides over the meeting ensuring that the meeting is conducted in an orderly and efficient manner. The decisions of the Parish Council are then carried out by the Clerk.